Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Flying Biscuit

Vegan on the Road....

I was in Charlotte, NC and I ate at my all time favorite CHAIN restaurant, The Flying Biscuit. 
I love this restaurant because:
They have a lot of VEGAN options right on the menu and
They have organic ingredients

I have had many of the items.  They have tofu scrambles, black bean burgers, tofu BBQ wraps and more.  You can pretty much substitute tofu for eggs in any of the dishes.  They have sides of morning star soy items. 
I typically do not eat the "mock meats" but I was curious about the soy sausage.  In case you ever get a hankering for a sausage biscuit, definitely try their Morning star soysage. 

For breakfast, I had their Mexican wrap!  It is tofu (substituted at no extra charge for eggs), Peppers, onions, tomatoes in a wrap with a yummy tomato salsa on top.  I got it with a side of potatoes!  It is pretty spicy, but a perfect combination of flavors. 

GO TO THE FLYING BISCUIT!  So far, I have eaten at the ones in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.  We need one in Charleston for sure!

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  1. MorningStar is NOT vegan. Their products contain milk and eggs. The "soy sausage" is clearly labeled "contains dairy and eggs" and ingredients list lactose and whey.