Friday, July 13, 2012

Purée Organic Cafe

Vegan in Charleston is BACK!

UPDATE:  Sadly Puree Closed in 2013 

My little family and I moved away from Charleston for a bit, but we came racing back as soon as we could.  While I was away, a new organic cafe opened up.  All my friends were talking about the delicious vegan food they were serving and I was drooling from a far.  Also, they serve baby food, hence the name!  I make my 8 month old child's baby food and it's all organic and vegan, so I was very excited to order her food off the menu from a gourmet chef!

We made Puree Organic Cafe our first stop when we got back to Charleston.  We were not disappointed!

The cafe is in a cute little house in Mt Pleasant off of Chuck Dawley.  It is bright and adorable.  We were greeted by the owners and friendly staff.  My little "vegan in Charleston" had an adorable high chair to sit in and was comfy and ready for her gourmet baby food!

My daughter ordered the sweet potatoes with coconut milk and cinnamon.  It was a heaping amount and was fresh, organic and hand made.  Best yet, it was delicious and she gobbled it up!

I ordered the grilled chimichurry seitan wrap with herb citrus dressing and chipotle sauce.  It was stuffed with carrots, tomatoes, spinach, sprouts and more.  The sauce was amazing and spicy!  The seitan was cooked to perfection and seasoned so well.  It tasted great and was completely vegan! I hope my picture does it justice.  I think you should try it though!

What better to top off a great lunch then with a great desert.

Puree has amazing, fresh deserts daily.  Most are vegan.  Today I had a FRESH blueberry vegan cupcake.  The cake was moist and filled with whole blueberries.  The frosting was light and sweet.  Writing this makes me want another one to munch on!  mmmm...

It is very important what kind of food we put into our bodies.  If you have children, it's even more important.  So, you should take your kids and babies to Puree Organic Cafe.  It will make your day and theirs!


Check out their facebook page for information.