Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jack's Cosmic Dogs

Jack's Cosmic Dogs is a very eclectic and neat place to eat hotdogs.  It is located in Mount Pleasant and now in Folly Beach too.  It is the perfect spot to eat a late lunch sandy and wet after a day at the beach.

You may be asking "what in the world would a vegan eat at a hotdog place?"  Have no can get any of their signature dogs with TOFU!  All you have to say when you order is "VEGEROID IT"

The serve all of their dogs on a large sesame seed hotdog bun.  Their french fries are cut directly from a potato and are delicious! 

I get the Tofu dog with mustard and jamaican relish!  It is very yummy.  So check out Jack's after a day in the sun...and don't forget to vegeroid!


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