Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tonight we went to a restaurant on Meeting Street called FIG.! We have been wanting to go this place for awhile now.  It is the name we have chosen if we have a baby girl!  So, of course I wanted to go eat there and take a picture of the sign (just in case)!  Check out Eat at Fig.

F.I.G. stands for "Food Is Good".  And yes it is too!!  Everything we ate there was wonderful and vegan friendly!  (all you have to do is ask!)  FIG uses all local ingredients from local farmers.  It is fresh and sustainable. 

To start, we ordered the John's Island Tomato Tarte Tatin!  They were roasted fresh tomatoes on top of caramelized onions.  The onions had this wonderful sweet tastes and were crunchy and paired so nicely with the slow roasted tomato on top.  Yummmmy!  It was paired with a goat cheese tompanade, but you can ask for it without or just leave it on the side and not eat it. 

For my main dish, I asked the chef to make a vegan vegetable platter!  And boy did he!  This is what came on my vegetable sampler; heirloom eggplant camponata; leeks; pan roasted okra; Anson Mills Farro Piccolo and Sauteed rapini. 
The leeks were sweet and caramelized to perfection!  The okra was halved and pan roasted just enough to bring out the flavor but they stayed light and fresh.  The sauteed rapini was like collard greens without all of the fat added to southern greens!  The heirloom eggplant companata had tomatoes in it, eggplant and what tasted like a balsamic vinegar taste.  And last but not least, the Farro Piccolo!  It had peas, lima beans, corn, tomatoes and more in it.  It was a very yummy little side.  All these samplings mixed together were the perfect variety of tastes and the perfect amount of food! 

FIG's menu may look a little vegan unfriendly, but just ask and they will whip up some tasty, flavorful treats!

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