Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ladles Homemade Soups

Ladles is a restaurant that serves soups, salads and sandwiches.  They are located in West Ashley and soon in Mount Pleasant!

I LOVE soup! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Recently in Charlotte, I ate at an all noodle place called "Nothing but Noodles".  I thought it was the best place on earth.  Now there is a soup restaurant!  You can imagine how excited I am.  Imagine if the noodle restaurant and the soup restaurant were next door to each other.  mmmmmmmm!

So, back to Ladles...  It is a pretty good place.  They have daily specials of about 10-15 soups, out of which about 3 are vegan and many are vegetarian.  They have many different ways to order the soup.  You can order just one bowl of soup and a roll, all you can eat soup and salad, bottomless soup bowl or soup sampler.  I suggest the all you can eat or the sampler!  The soup is all made right in the back and is very fresh and flavorful. I ordered the Garden Vegetable soup and it was delicious!  I only ordered one bowl and it filled me up nicely. 

If you like Soup....Go to Ladles! 
My hubby enjoying the Garden Veggie!

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  1. i love how excited you are about this place! what if the noodle and soup restaurants were next door?? it would be mayhem!!
    seriously though, i'm glad you wrote about this place. so many people have mentioned it, but noone that had anything vegan. i will check it out for sure!