Sunday, August 22, 2010


"Tall, Java Mocha Shake with Soy Milk, No Whip"

Starbucks can get a bad rep sometimes.  People think they are sell outs, pretentious, wasteful even.  But Starbucks is actually a pretty good company.  They are definitely on the "green" wagon!  Their plastic cups are made from 15% less plastic (it's a start).  They give you a discount if you bring in your own reusable mug and they sell a great selection of reusable mugs and water bottles!  Starbucks also sells fair trade coffee!! 

They recycle, conserve and are charitable in many different causes!  You can check out Starbucks Responsibility for more information. 

My favorite thing is that you can make a frappuchino or hot coffee drink any way you want it.  So, by adding soy milk instead of milk and saying no to whip cream, you can have a great cruelty free refreshing drink on a HOT Charleston August afternoon!


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