Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dell'z Deli

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Today was the 7th annual Louie's Kids Yoga Marathon!  We did 108 sun salutations in the Marion Square park downtown Charleston!  It was a lot of fun for a good cause.  All that yoga will build up quite an appetite!  So all the yogis headed to Dell'z Deli!  Dell is an amazing chef that has a cafe on the corner of King Street and Cannon Street!  It is crazy affordable and amazingly good! 

Dell and her crew are very friendly and personable.  They use the freshest ingredients and most dishes are vegan friendly.  It is great to eat a restaurant where there are so many choices, you don't know what to get! The only good option is to visit often and order as much as you can! :) 

I was told by a friend to try the SNOBBY JOES!  It is a wrap with vegan crumbles in sloppy joe mix with avocado, vegan cream cheese, sprouts, cucumber and more!  It was very good! (and very good for you) It came with tortilla chips and a strawberry!  

Others ordered a veggie pizza and vegan BLT with seitan "bacon".  Here is the pizza! (with vegan cream cheese on the side)

Great Food, Great Company, Great Times!!  Go see Dell! 

Me and Dell!

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  1. Hi Mary, Thank you so much for telling us about Dell! I have never heard of this place, sounds amazing! Always looking for good veggie treats in Chucktown. Great Blog:)