Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sesame Burger

Sesame Burgers and Beer...doesn't sound like a vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurant does it?  However, the menu boasts "many vegetarian dishes"!!  They have specials that are vegetarian and vegan as well as items on the menu. 

They are located in Park Circle in N. Charleston as well as in the Citadel Mall in Charleston. 

On the menu under sandwiches; they have all the types of sandwiches listed. On the right, you can choose what you want on the sandwich, by choosing under pictures of a cow, chicken, turkey and beans. 

You would think that having people see a picture of a cow or chicken or turkey as an option for their sandwich might be visual enough for the person to choose the beans!  But oh least they acknowledge vegetarians and give cruelty free, healthy options. 

I did the build your own:

I chose the black bean cake, with lettuce, grilled onions, grilled zucchini and BBQ sauce.  It was yummy!  One cool thing about Sesame burger is that they make their condiments in house.  You can tell that they are homemade. 

Oh and their napkins are made of 100% recycled material!  YIPPEE!


  1. thats so funny! yeah you would think with the pictures stareing at them;) your a great writer mary

  2. Do you happen to know if the black bean cake is held together with eggs?