Friday, August 29, 2014

Epic Burger


I had the most amazing Portobello Burger at Epic Burger in Chicago!

The whole restaurant was amazing.  They use great products and eco friendly cups, plates and napkins.  Check them out for an amazing and juicy VEGAN burger!

Portobello Burger in a compostable to go container

The Rarebit, Downtown Charleston

The Rarebit on King Street is a sweet little fancy restaurant.

They have an amazing menu including. BREAKFAST all day!!!

I know a lot of people LOVE breakfast at all hours, so check out Rarebit.

Also on the menu is a VEGAN BURGER!!!!

This is a tasty little patty served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts.  It does come with a honey vinaigrette sauce.  It is a little bit however if you don't do honey, make sure you ask for no dressing.

This burger does not have a bun.  But it is very yummy, light and healthy.

Throw in a bowl of tomato soup and  you have a wholesome meal!

Enjoy The Rarebit.  Fancy downtown dining at an affordable price!

The Rarebit
474 King Street